Cork Oak Live Edge Bowl

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I made this bowl from a blank of Cork Oak harvested last winter some miles away far from my shop, the tree was not so large but it was quite enough to give the chance to have a challenge on creating a small piece from it retaining the bark. The process started hollowing the bowl out achieving the final thickness as soon as the wood was still wet. I let it store for seasoning for about 3 months. During this stage the wood distorted into a slight oval shape. Once completely dried I started to sand the inside and the outside of the bowl up to a 1000grit sandpaper. Then I applied a coat of organic sunflower seeds oil.

Note: it's been difficult to work on the bark avoiding to see it flying away from the bowl while turning. Just to give you an idea, did you ever try to cut a wine stopper with a knife? Anyway the best surprise has happened when I've chosen to put oil on it for finishing, the initial bright color of the grain changed completely leaving beautiful red lines between the annual rings.

Year 2017
Size (mm) 190x95