European Walnut Vase

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Often I drive a sort of archeological research between my woodpiles and sometimes happens that some wood scarves suddenly make me thinking back on them. This is one of those cases, a waste rough hollowed piece of walnut I started about 10 years ago and then incomprehensibly left apart ( I don’t know why but it happens often on me ). So an old story ended on 2009 and another started again in 2019 for this walnut vase. Now that it is finished I can hardly remind where I took the tree but I’m sure it was just two steps from where I lived.
Just a couple of details for this vase, I made a textured collar near the upside rim and the only finishing I used was a mix of bees and carnauba wax to let the surfaces as satin as possible.

Size (mm) 170 high, 130 wide