Large Natural-Edge Crotch Oak bowl

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Last year I worked on a big oak tree felled in the woods near the house. I identified the tree while a company were cutting trees for the regular coppice, I marked it and waited a couple of weeks before falling it down so that the moon was waning, this is a very important operation in order to avoid possible pest attacks later and to allow the wood to season in a uniform and balanced way. Once fell down I cut the main trunk in many parts necessary to make bowl blanks. There were two main intersection zones at the branches, and one of these is the one I used to make this bowl. You can see how the intersecton zone has a nice burl figure. I was anyway lucky because the bowl after turned green didn't distort so much during seasoning, despite the thickness I left for the walls was quite thin. But what I love the best in this piece is the cream color it shows all around. I finished the bowl only with organic sunflower seeds oil after sand it down up to 1000 grit.

Dimensions : (mm) 290x195
Year : 2018
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