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This piece came out from a regular elm blank, the tree was affected by the so called Dutch Elm Disease, so I sadly have to fell it last year in my garden. First I roughed out the bowl shape then left it aside to dry for at least 1 year. During this process the bowl slighty changed its roundness into a more oval form. I had enough material to remount it on the lathe and reach very thin walls, so I did. Once the turning is completed I moved the piece on the workbench to gently hand-carve the "twisting" lines. After this operation I was not satisfied yet, so I decided to create a light texture on the outside of the piece using a copper brush. After finishing the first thought was: "I do not think anybody wants to use a piece like this as salad bowl" , so I choose to treat the bowl with a satin water-based lacquer to protect the natural color over time.

Signed under the round base
Year 2016
Dimensions : mm 200x107