About me

After many years as a photographer and sculptor, Giorgio Romani chose to hone his skills as a craftsman on woodturning. His career began as an apprentice began in a furniture and cabinet making workshop and afterwards in a workshop set up especially for woodcarving. In 2006, Giorgio demonstrated his early works in woodturning in two solo exhibitions in Florence. Consequently, he then decided to make it his full-time occupation, specializing on works of art, design, woodcarving and classic Italian olivewood objects. He has since participated in many exhibitions on woodworking, giving demonstrations in public and giving courses on woodturning. Giorgio Romani Woodturning opens in 2011 after six years of research into woodturning. The principle aim is to bring to public attention the calibre of hand-made works scarcely found in manufactured products, all of which, it should be noted, are finished with natural oils and waxes. Using natural products eliminates any potential adverse effects to hygiene, especially in the case of children.


For more info, please visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/giorgioromaniwoodturning or contact me by e-mail romaniproduction@gmail.com.